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Being an executive leader is hard. We make it more predictable, less stressful and all with a dash of fun. With the most impactful coaching for creating exceptional leaders, teams and culture.



Are you ready to breakthrough the BS (belief systems...
and the other BS too) 
holding you back with a

20 minute power call

We get it . . .

Being an executive leader is hard. Really hard. 

And even more so right now.

With much of the workforce now wanting the "news reporter" style of working (aka. working from home in their mullet outfit = business attire on top, boards shorts & active wear under the desk),

Inspiring geographically dispersed teams, and even the teams "showing up" in the office, is an entirely new challenge.

And then there is ...

 - critical stakeholders interactions that need your attention 

- traversing time horizons and early identification of

strategic and operational imperatives

- distilling the company vision displayed on the wall into 

meaningful and actionable objectives for the teams

- developing the next generation of leaders

(the goal is to be replaceable so you can be promoted too)

- still having time (and energy) for your own life away from work

(yes, there is such a thing!)

The landscape has changed.

As leaders, the speed at which we adapt and our flexibility 

is what sets us apart.


Success at this level requires

leading with IMPACT

way more than managing through authority

Our Elite IMPACT Leadership philosophy draws on more than 50 years of leadership lessons, trials, tears, scars and successes along the way.

Based on researched and statistically validated models, our IMPACT Leadership philosophy provides the foundation to enhance executive leadership skills to last a lifetime.

Are you ready to be the Leader of Leaders?


IMPACT Leadership

A philosophy for leading ourselves, and then our organisations at every level. IMPACT is not for passive observation. It challenges the status quo and provides us as leaders the opportunity to create lasting impactful change; to become the Leader of Leaders.

IMPACT is so much more than a way thinking; it promotes practical, effective strategies to up-level your leadership, teams and organisation.


Being a great leader is not simply bestowed upon us one day. It requires us to seek out examples of greatness that we can get excited about becoming. It also requires us to look within to deeply know and understand our own motivations for becoming the leader of leaders.


The quality of our vision, values, and beliefs are the foundation of our leadership mindset. This underpins our thoughts, how we show up and what we do. Ghandi said "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet". . . and neither should we!


Success leaves clues. The way to replicable success requires us to set the rhythm and flow of our actions, and that of our teams which generates an ability to consistently deliver results. Through benchmarking and modelling excellence, regular reviews and refinement, we set the conditions for success through these systems and frameworks.


The vision and systems need to be implemented to be fully appreciated. Repeated actions create momentum; and momentum is the key to motivation. Over time, these become habits and the embedded standards. The true test of a great culture is the actions of those once the leader 'leaves the room'.


Great communication relies on our behavioural flexibility and understanding of those around us.

The effectiveness of communication is in the message that is received. Therefore emotional intelligence is not simply the latest buzzword, rather it is essential in conveying your message in a meaningful way.


Our ability to identify, attract, retain and develop functional & sustainable high performing teams and leaders dictates our success. Equally important is establishing and fiercely protecting esprit de corp, including courageously eliminating any toxic influences.

Fiona Damon Elite Coaching Success


One-on-one coaching is your gateway to working with our in-demand coaches.

For those Leaders committed to achieving their next evolution of success, this is a partnership like no other.

Enquire for you, and even your direct reports, today.

Elite Coaching Speaking.heic

Facilitation &

Specialist facilitation for your next strategic off-site is right here at your fingertips.

We tailor our workshops to meet the individual and collective needs of your team.
Whether the audience is executives, leaders, teams or high-achievers, our workshops and presentations are inspirational, engaging and interactive.
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Looking for executive leadership coaching across your entire enterprise.

This option is for you. 
Click the link below to explore options for your business and request a proposal today.


Want to do more
of what matters in less time?


Then grab our Elite FOCUS tool today


I'm Fiona 

and I'm delighted you're here.


I'm the Co-Founder and Head Coach at Elite Coaching and through our world-class coaching methodologies, we help people just like you achieve your professional and personal goals to create the life you truly desire.

Being an executive leader is challenging. We get it... with over 50 years leadership experience, we have earned the stripes and got the scars along the way.


We make leading leaders more predictable, less stressful and all with a dash of fun.


Our clients' success drives our team. We work with a wide variety of public and private sector organisations across different sizes and industries.


Our commitment to bring the best to your organisation means we walk-the-talk and invest in our continuous evolution within the executive coaching and leadership field.

Here's to your success!

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Fiona Damon Elite Coaching Meta Dynamics
Marble Surface
Kath Prior.jpeg

Working with Fiona on my leadership growth has been such a phenomenal experience. She brings warmth, passion, curiosity, fun and a vast amount of knowledge to the coaching experience.

She has supported me to develop my confidence to lead 

and helped me see what unique strengths I have.

Fiona used a wide variety of tools and strategies to support me on my leadership journey of growth and expansion.

I highly recommend Fiona to any leader.

Kath Prior

Sydney, Australia

Jared Engwirda.jpeg

Ben and Fiona from Elite Coaching are an absolutely phenomenal team, I highly recommend Elite Coaching to anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level.

I can't speak highly or thank them enough for their contributions to myself and my business.

Jared Engwirda

Gold Coast, Australia

Carolina Vargas.jpg

I had a Meta Profile unpack session with the lovely Fiona Damon,

and it was an absolute game changer,

for me and for my business.


She helped me see how the things I was labelling as "bad" were stretches and areas of improvement.

We even created a plan to use the Meta Profile to grow my business and accomplish all of my goals.

Carolina Vargas

Melbourne, Australia

Tania Serfontein.jpeg

I had a series of transformational coaching sessions with Fiona, as she is helping me clear the pathway for Success with my personal, professional and business life.

I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for who I am, where my growth points are, and mapping an action plan to follow that enables me to get to where I want to go.

I highly recommend Fiona as a coach and mentor to any individual who wishes to know themselves deeper and grow their business to be a success.

Tania Serfontein

Sydney, Australia


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