Empowering Leaders

Igniting The Extraordinary


No matter the size of your organisation – leadership impacts every business failure and success.    

Leadership has the greatest long-term sustainable impact on your business, regardless of any external market conditions.

And it’s simpler than what you may think. 

After more than 20 years of leadership failures and success, postgraduate level qualifications, multiple military leadership awards, and mentoring from arguably the best in the business – Ben (Co-founder & CEO) has created the Top 7 Habits of Exceptional Leaders.

Investing is leadership gives you the edge in a strong market. And, it allows you to move forward in leaps and bounds as soon as the market weakens.

At Elite we are committed to working with leaders to be their best, and be better!

Are you ready for your next level of success?

Small business

team < 10

Focusing on:

  • Top 7 Habits – foundations
  • Time + Energy management
  • Business focus essentials

Medium business

team 10-50

Focusing on:

  • Top 7 Habits – foundations + 
  • Leading Leaders
  • Organisational structure 
  • Advanced Time + Energy management


team 50+

Leadership training requirements tailored to your business needs.

Jared_The Agency pic

Ben and Fiona from Elite are an absolutely phenomenal team, I highly recommend Elite to anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level.
I can't speak highly or thank them enough for their contributions to myself and my business.

Jared Engwirda
Founder & Managing Director

Your in-kind support was priceless to our RFDS team members who participated in your leadership program. Those valuable skills you shared will be carried on through our entire organisation, for the betterment of the RFDS here in Queensland. And for that, we thank both you & Fiona.

Lynda Inglis
Partnership Coordinator

Fiona and Ben recently took us through their 'Wheel of Business' process to help identify gaps and key focus areas in the business.
It was honestly one of the best practices I've done. It helped to figure out exactly what we need to place priority on and work on in the next 12 months, and gave us a really clear picture of where the business stands.
I highly recommend engaging Fiona and Ben for this process and look forward to working with them further in future. 5 stars guys, you make everything simple to understand and communicate really effectively!

Adam Mackay
Agency Owner